Jane Bond

Jane Bond is a designer with pseudonym.

Jane because my name is Jane and as I work a lot with a glue, bond was pretty logic word to use. That is how Jane Bond brand became.

"I am a professional hair acessorize designer in Czech Republic since 2008. Jane Bond commodities are worn by housewifes, managers, students, actresses, singers and other famous or unknown ladies.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYDtW3DvwaI (cooperation with famous czech music group Tatabojs)

"In way how we jeweling our necks, arms, wristles, fingers, ears and taking it as a matter of fact, where the old times are, when ladies were wearing hats, or jsut flowers in their's hair? My goal is to at least partly refresh this old tradition, using nowadays material, technics, colours and possibilities.

I take costum orders. Headbands, veils, combs, pins for a carneval, ball, party or wherever you would like to be a star.

For the sake of my costumers, each Jane Bond product has a tag janebond.cz. Items that seems to look like Jane Bond's without this tag, are not a Jane Bond originals.

Items alreadly sold can be done again, but won't be identical with those already sold ones. That is how I assure uniqueness and originality.

Please notice that most of the items I do not have in stock. I am starting with production once money recieved and dispatch them up to 7 days later. Depends wheater I have material in stock. If you are in extreme hurry, let me know but count with a higher charge.


Praha: Artěl, La Gallery, Julius, Kuráž, Pour Pour, kadeřnictví BOMTON loft

Plzeň: Modes Robes

Olomouc: Flop

Hradec Králové: Bramborová

Český Krumlov a České Budějovice: Mata Hari

e-shop: http://www.etsy.com/people/JaneBondFashion